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Photoplay Awards

March 9, 1953 (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)
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        Oscar winning costume designer William Travilla designed some of Marilyn's most memorable costumes, both on and off screen. He helped to sew her into the sheer gold lame dress she had worn (briefly-it was deemed too revealing to pass the censors) in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, to go and claim her award for Hollywood's Fastest Rising Star of 1952.

  1. Marilyn celebrating her award
  2. Marilyn shows Photoplay award to her friend and columnist Sidney Skolsky
  3. Famous gold lame dress designed by William Travilla

source: Photoplay Awards in Everlasting Star Community

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Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

March 5, 1961 (New York)
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        On February 7, Marilyn voluntarily checks herself into Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic on advice from Dr. Marianne Kris. The next day Marilyn is treated as severely disturbed. The hospital granted her one phone call, and Marilyn tried, unsuccessfully, to reach a friend. Finally, she got through to her first husband, Joe DiMaggio. She hadn't spoken to him for almost six years. On February 9, Marilyn contacts Joe, and the next day, she is transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital (where, as was revealed in a letter she wrote during her stay, she read a volume of Sigmund Freud's letters to pass the time) in New York. This after Joe burst through the door of the facility demanding to see his wife.

The very night Marilyn called, DiMaggio flew to New York from his home in Florida and demanded that she be released from the clinic. She was released four days later, and then spent nearly a month in rehabilitation at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital

  1. Marilyn leaving this university hospital
  2. Journalist on leaving hospital
  3. May Reis, her secretary, and herlsef Marilyn

source: Leaving Columbia Presbyterian in Everlasting Star Community
more information: Columbia Presbyterian at the present time; history in; Photos by a journalist

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Golden Globes Awards

March 5, 1962 (Los Angeles, California)
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        Golden Globe awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for excellence in film and television. Some 90 members of the HFPA, who maintain a permanent, primary residence in Southern California, vote for outstanding achievement in acting and directing of both dramas and comedies The Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement in Motion Pictures award is also given out each year.The awards were first given out in 1944, and they have come to be considered a harbinger of Oscar winners.

       In 1959 she scored the biggest hit of her career starring alongside Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Billy Wilder's comedy "Some Like It Hot". Her behavior on the set was famously difficult. After shooting finished, Wilder publicly blasted Monroe. Soon, however, Wilder's attitude softened, and he hailed her a great comedienne. Some Like It Hot is consistently rated as one of the best films ever made. Monroe's performance as the sweet and sensitive Sugar Kane earned her a Golden Globe for best actress in musical or comedy.

Gets "World's Film Favorite" award. Actress Marilyn Monroe show her elation after being named "World Film Favorite" by the Foreign Press Association at their 19th Annual Award presentation in Hollywood March 5th. Actor Rock Hudson, who made the presentaiton, shared the late Monroe's enthusiasm. Actor Charlton Heston was also named as a world favorite.

  1. Marilyn received her award of Rock Hudson
  2. Her new "friend" Jose Bolaños and herself
  3. Yes!, that dress was green

source: Golden Globe Awards´62 in Everlasting Star Community
more information: HFPA´s Official Site; more Golden Globe in

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The Jack Benny Show

September, 13 1953
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        Marilyn Monroe makes her first network TV appearance in Honolulu Trip (9/13/53) for The Jack Benny Program (aka The Jack Benny Show)

       After Jack's monologue he tells about his cruise to Hawaii with Rochester, where they encounter a series of characters on the ship Jack takes a nap and dreams that Marilyn Monroe is on board with him. Marilyn sings to Jack and tells him she is crazy about him.

       Jayne Mansfield was a guest welcomed by comedian Jack Benny, this "Hawaiian Romance" sketch is exactly the same plotline as the season-four Benny episode from September 13, 1953 ("Honolulu Trip"), which had Marilyn Monroe in Mansfield's role for that show.

*************** Honolulu Trip ***************

Jack Benny: Marilyn...

[voice over]: Dream on Mr Benny, dream on...

JB: Marilyn. Marilyn, I'm mad about you.

Marilyn Monroe (herself): I'm mad about you too Jack.  Jack - will you do something wonderful for me?  It would make me very happy.

JB: Well of course Marilyn.  I'd do anything, anything for you.  What is it?

MM: Well, in my next picture there's going to be so many love scenes, I want you for my leading man.

JB: Oh Marilyn, I'd love to be your leading man.

MM:  Good.  Now if we can only get permission from Darryl Zanuck.

JB: Why?  Who did Mr Zanuck have in mind?

MM: Himself!

JB: Gee Marilyn.  I just can't get over the both of us here all alone.

MM: Yes Jack. I never dreamed it could happen to I.

JB: Neither did me.

(Marilyn sighs)

JB: Marilyn, why are you sighing?

MM: I was just thinking Jack, how generous you are.  Just so we could be alone on this trip, you chartered [this yacht] for $600,000.

JB: I did?

[voice over]: If that doesn't wake him up, nothing will!

JB: Marilyn, Marilyn I know this is sudden, but will you marry me?

MM: Marry?  But look at the difference in our ages.

JB: Well there isn't much difference Marilyn.  You're 25 and I'm 39.

MM: Yes, but what about 25 years from now, when I'm 50 and you're 39.

JB: Gee, I never thought of that.

[voice over]: I did!

JB: You shut up!  Marilyn... Marilyn will you have dinner with me tonight?

MM: Oh I'd love to Jack.  Thanks ever so.

JB: At 8 o'clock?

MM: Alright, but I better be going now.

(Marilyn sings Bye Bye Baby and kiss Jack)

I'll be in my room alone
every post meridian
and I'll be with my diary
and that book by Mister Gideon.

Bye, bye baby
remember you're my baby
when they give you the eye,
and just to show that I care
I will write and declare
that I'm on the loose
but I'm still on the square.

I've been lonely
but even though I'm lonely
there'll be no other guy.
Though I'll be gone for a while
I know that I'll be smiling
with my baby by and by
with my baby by and by.

I'll be gloomy
but send that rainbow to me
then my shadows will fly.
Though you'll be gone for a while
I know that I'll be smiling

with my baby bye and bye

MM: My, that's strange.

JB: What is?

MM: I'm so crazy about you, but that kiss didn't effect me at all.

JB: That's funny - I'm a wreck!

MM: See you later Jack.

JB: Don't forget Marilyn.  Don't forget dinner tonight.

MM: I won't.

JB: At 8 o'clock.

MM: I'll remember.

JB: Marilyn, come back here a minute.  Please come back.  Give me one more kiss before you go....


  1. Jack Benny and Marilyn
  2. Marilyn is walking with a cane, due to her injury on the set of River of No Return
  3. Cut scene of Jack Benny, Marilyn and Eddie Anderson

source: The Jack Benny Show in Everlasting Star Community
more information: Jack Benny´s biography in IMDB; This chapter, "Honolulu Trip", in IMDB; order this chapter in

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Marilyn 36th Birthday

June 1, 1962 (Los Angeles, California)
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        On June 1, 1962 Monroe, Martin and Wally Cox shot a scene in the courtyard set. The day marked Monroe's 36th birthday, though the studio didn't even buy a cake. Monroe's stand-in, Evelyn Moriarty, bought a seven dollar sheet cake at the Los Angeles Farmer's Market. A studio illustrator drew a card of a cartoon of a nude Monroe holding a towel. It read, "Happy Birthday Suit". The cast and crew signed it. The cast attempted to celebrate when Marilyn arrived; however Cukor blew up and insisted they wait until 6pm because, "he wanted to get a full days work out of her." It would be Monroe's last day on the set. She left the party with co-star Wally Cox. She borrowed the fur trimmed suit she had worn while filming that day because she was to attend a Muscular Dystrophy fund raiser at Dodger Stadium that evening with Joe Dimaggio.

       Liz Taylor was give a huge birthday party on the set of Cleopatra (like over $6,000 for just her party) , the cast and some of the crew pitched in money to buy Marilyn a small birthday cake, and the studio sent over coffee, which after her death they charged to her estate. Also the director made the cast and crew hide the cake untill Marilyn had completed a full days work.

  1. Marilyn and her cake and famous card of birthday
  2. Marilyn and George Cukor
  3. Dean Martin kissing Marilyn

source: Marilyn 36th Birthday in Everlasting Star Community
more information: Something´s got to give in IMDB

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Press Conference Let´s Make Love

January 16, 1960 (Los Angeles, California)
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       Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand attended at a cocktail party in January, 1960. Marilyn announced here that she was divorcing her husband, Arthur Miller. Earlier in the year there were rumors of a romance between the movie actress and French entertainer Montand with whom she made the film Let's Make Love.

Marilyn Monroe and her two leading men, British singer Frankie Vaughan and French entertainer Yves Montand enjoy a joke together at a cocktail party where the cast of "Let´s make love" was introduced to the press.

  1. Arthur Miller, Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Marilyn and Frankie Vaughan
  2. Marilyn talking with Arthur Miller

source: Marilyn at LML Press Conference in Everlasting Star Community
more information: Let´s Make Love in IMDB

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Earl Wilson at Beverly Hills Hotel

June 17, 1953 (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)
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        Same night as the Masquers Rib and Roast Dinner for Charles Coburn's birthday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Marilyn joined Earl Wilson and his wife in a room upstairs for this photo session and interview.

  1. Marilyn and columnist Earl Wilson
  2. Marilyn by "new" photographer Earl Wilson
  3. Marilyn reading a book by Earl W.

source: Earl Wilson in Everlasting Star Community

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March Of Dimes

January 28, 1958 (New York)
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    Marilyn Monroe helped support the 14th annual March of Dimes fashion show at the Waldorf-Astoria.

      April 12, 1955, culminated more than 17 years of research that led to the licensure of the first poliovirus vaccine. The vaccine breakthrough was driven by Jonas Salk and his team of scientists at the University of Pittsburgh and the pioneering field trials led by Thomas Francis Jr. at the University of Michigan. The research was funded by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, today known as the March of Dimes. The original purpose was to raise money for polio research and to care for those suffering from the disease. The name emphasized the national, nonpartisan, and public nature of the new organization, as opposed to private foundations established by wealthy families. The effort began with a radio appeal, asking everyone in the nation to contribute a dime (10 cents) to fight polio.

      The name "March of Dimes" for the fundraising campaign was coined by entertainer Eddie Cantor as a play on the popular newsreel feature of the day, The March of Time. Along with Cantor, many top Hollywood, Broadway, radio, and television stars served as promoters of the charity. Because of his close association with the cause, Roosevelt was portrayed on the US dime after his death.

  1. Marilyn Monroe with March of Dimes mission volunteers Sandra and Linda Solomon
  2. Marilyn with the twins Sandra and Linda Solomon and Basil O'Connor
  3. Marilyn and Basil O'Connor

Twins Solomon as postergirls for the March of Dimes Foundation

source: March Of Dimes Fashion Show in Everlasting Star Community
more information: March of Dimes Official Site; March of Dimes Youth Official Website

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Korea USO Tour

February 1954 (Korea)
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        In tough times Hollywood stars have always seemed to rise to the occasion selflessly, going the extra mile, literally, to entertain the troops that are defending our countries freedoms.

        Marilyn Monroe was one such performer. Despite Marilyns profound fear of live performances she rose above her phobia to provide a few hours of joy to over 100.000 homesick servicemen in Korea. She delighted the audience with her singing, dancing and charming banter. She was voted the number one pin-up during the Korea war and she honored that title by entertaining troops on the war front and visiting them at bedside in near by hospitals.

        It was in February 1954, during her honeymoon to Joe DiMaggio that Marilyn decided to drop in on the soldiers in Korea. It was a trip that she would later recall with enormous fondness, a time when she realized she was truly a star.

       Marilyn did end up performing "Diamonds" but not before borrowing some jewelry from the wife of Frank "Lefty" O"Doul.Another song Marilyn preformed was "Do It Again." However, considering that the lyrics may be too suggestive they changed it to, "Kiss Me Again.

        Before Marilyn left Korea, the Far East Command presented her with a silver medallion in appreciation for both her performing tour in Korea and her hospital visits in Japan.Marilyn was in Korea from February 16, 1954 through February 19, 1954.

more information: Marilyn Monroe in Korea; a rare photo of Marilyn in Korea; About Korean war;Photographs by David Geary or David Geary´s site; Calendar 2002 in Amazon (photos of Marilyn in Korea)
look at these high quality videos about this event:

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"East of Eden" premiere

March 9, 1955 (New York)
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        Marilyn consented to be an usherette at the Actor's Studio benefit and world premiere of East of Eden, starring James Dean. With the news of Marilyn's participation the benefit was an instant sellout. The magic name of Monroe caused a run on tickets, which were being scalped at triple their sales price. One of the crowd at the Astor Roof who was anxiously waiting to see the usherette was Arthur Miller, who has attended the Actor's studio benefit with his sister, actress Joan Copeland. Marilyn had been very much on Miller's mind.

There was a long line of people that wrapped around onto Park Avenue, fans who had cameras and autograph books awaiting the Monroe image and signature.With her limousine sitting at the curb, what had been arranged for the more ambitious fans was that when Monroe came down in the elevator these people would be allowed to go one at a time to the elevator door and either take a snapshot or obtain an autograph.

She went onto the premiere, and the word quickly spread throughout Times Square that "Marilyn Monroe is over at the Astor Theatre!" Soon people in the thousands picked up that information along Broadway. Marilyn was going to a post pemiere party at the Astor Roof atop the Astor Hotel, directly across the street from the movie theatre.

  1. Showman Milton Berle and Marilyn like a VIP usherette
  2. Photographer and friend Milton Greene with Marilyn
  3. Marilyn at the post pemiere party at the Astor Hotel

source: East of Eden premiere in Everlasting Star Community
more information: East of Eden in

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